All the Things You Need to know In the Process of Filmmaking

If you are intending to make a short film with yourself, you should at least know how a movie generated. Still think you can get your movie after have an idea and get start to shooting without any pre and follow-up works? In fact it is not a film, just a video. You need to do more work to get a real film.

The first step is determining the screenplay.
 Screenplay is the soul of a movie. If may be from a novel, a professional screenwriter, or even an idea of yourself. You need to ensure what you want to express and whether the screenplay is suitable for you. In a word, screenplay is written to let you know how to shoot this story. A screenplay is a good start.

The second step is choosing actors and other pre-works.
You have the screenplay, and now you need people to act them. Not only actors, but also where you should choose to shoot and what props you need should be reflected in the screenplay. Everything must be well prepared, we cannot avoid mistakes, but we can reduce the risk of mistakes. Shooting equipment should be already and fine of course.

The third step is shooting materials.
Mostly, the source materials are shooting by yourself. It is possible to take advantage of others video footage. All the things should be in hand after the whole shooting. We often see a Script Supervisor license in movies, and that is attributed to conveniently controlling of the raw videos. You dont have, but you also need to mark where and what scene is the video taken. Or you will let things go into a mess in the further editing.

The fourth step is film editing.
We have a lot of the directors, there may do all the work of screenwriter and editor. So you need to ensure the style of the movie, you cannot clip an action movie to ghost movie.

A thing is especially important for beginners: dont use too many effects in your movie. Now there are plenty of great tools for effects, and they are not hard to do it. Too many effects may let your movie seems like a mess (especially if you are intending to shoot a love movie). But it is also cant be ignored. In a word, the most suitable effects are best effects. Do remember to render when you clip works are done.

There are many tools can be chosen for you, but some of them have compatible problems with the DV storing format AVI. In this way you may need to how to convert avi to wmv for Windows Movie Maker or mov for Final Cut Pro. In this situation, an avi to wmv mac may be helpful for you. By the word, After Effects is a great tool for special effects.

The last step is publishing.
The films must be taken for certain purposes. You may need to burn a DVD for storing, send to your friends or you may upload to YouTube for others. This process is easiest, just do want you want to do.

A thing you need to know is that this article is only about the common filmmaking, it may be different with your need. For example, documentary is needed to complete a play script with stage directions. Have a good job in your movies.