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A Bag of Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6 revolves around the friendship of two charming grifters, Ben and Alan, played by Jason Ritter and Jake Sandvig. Ben and Alan have built a successful though larcenous business, posing as car valets, only to steal the vehicles instead of parking them. Because of their less-than-ideal childhoods and a "job" that allows them to remain likeable boyish rogues well into their 20's, their penchant for crime is almost forgivable. However, everything changes when they meet a twelve-year-old boy named Kelsey. Neglected by his mother, Kelsey is drawn to Ben and Alan and they to him--eventually, Kelsey becomes part mascot, part protege. His presence ultimately forces Alan and Ben to choose between a life of crime and fun (an extended childhood) and the opportunity to grow up and deal with the emotional consequences that come with it.A comedic drama about a pair of slacker auto thieves who end up caring for a 12-year-old boy after his neglectful mother commits suicide, Brian Crano's film meanders about at its own pace; it observes longtime best friends/roomies/partners-in-crime Ben (Jason Ritter) and Alan Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6  (Jake Sandvig) pose as valet parkers at funerals in order to make off with the cars of the bereaved or hang out at the diner where Ben's sister, Mel (Rebecca Hall), works and gives them an earful about their lifestyle.

None of this is particularly funny, least of all the humiliating waffle-topped hat Mel is forced to wear and the silly dance/greeting she's forced to perform at the diner, but nor is it particularly off-putting either. Like most of the rest of the movie's plotting, the pair's success as car thieves is highly improbable, bearing little resemblance to reality, which wouldn't be a problem except that the film's other mode is a sort of gritty realism, courtesy of young Kelsey (Chandler Canterbury), suffering from the neglect of his mother, Lynette (Carrie Preston), an out-of-work Hurricane Katrina "refugee."Lynette's desperate attempts to make a go of it provide the film's grit, but this welcome respite from the antics of the leads is marred by Crano and co-screenwriter Sandvig's contradictory attitude toward this character. While they're clearly sympathetic to her plight as an unemployed single mother with no marketable skills,Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6 they unwisely insist on making her more than a little monstrous so that our boys look like model citizens by comparison. Why look for low-level office work when stealing cars is so easy? Except in contrasting the realism of Lynette's job search with the fancifulness of Ben and Alan's lucrative business, the film makes a mockery of economic reality.

More problematic are the script's structural problems, which place the lead characters' central reckoning so close to the end of the film's running time that there's scarcely any time to deal with the consequences. (Although, in an obvious highlight, the movie neatly compacts an ideal trajectory of the characters' lives in one amusing and poignant fantasy montage.) By the time the movie screeches to a halt with a jarring thud, we're left with the Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6 sense that the film should just be beginning its second act, not beginning the credits roll. But even if a strange, extended closing sequence in which the end titles play over scenes that look like they were salvaged from the cutting-room floor, attempts to fill in some of the gaps, the viewer can do little but wonder about the fallout of the characters' actions. Still, since the film's slacker vibe and lack of inquisitiveness have already kept the stakes so low, that urge to wonder is likely to be fairly minimal at best.

Lets start at the beginning. A Bag Of Hammers, directed by Brian Crano in his first full-length film, is about two winsome slackers and small-time con artists Ben (Jason Ritter) and Alan (Jake Sandvig). Theyre good-natured, generally sweet guys who spend their days posing as valets at funerals, and the stealing the cars. The rest of their time is spent hanging out with their reprobate friend who fences the cars for them, Marty (Todd Luiso), and loitering in the diner where Alans sister Mel (Rebecca Hall) works as a waitress. Ben and Alan are decidedly downtrodden at their roots, making enough to get them a ramshackle but cozy house, as well as the ire of Alans sister. The film hints early on at a darker past for both of them,Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6 but we get so swept up in their breezy wit and their lifestyles as affable scumbags that you barely give it a moments notice.

Their lives quickly intersect with Lynette (Carrie Preston) and her son Kelsey (Chandler Canterbury), when they rent the house next door. Lynettes a tired, angry, frustrated unemployed single mom, and Kelseys suffers through the typical movie stereotypes inflicted on new kids hes a quiet, introverted misfit who gets picked on. However, Ben and Alan take a shine to him, and Mel begins to mother-hen her way into his life, which results in a rather unpleasant glimpse into Kelsey and Lynettes life of turmoil, neglect, and ultimately despair.Watch free movies online

And that, essentially, is where shit gets real. Theres a turning point Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6  in the film where the stark realities of poverty and broken families smashes through the shell of gentle quirky humor, and Alan and Ben find themselves at odds, torn between caring for Kelsey and not endangering the fragile world theyve constructed for themselves. Its full of drama and tragedy and sadness, and it works if it wasnt for the comedic origins. Therein lies the problem with A Bag Of Hammers its a very good movie. But at times it feels like its two very good movies haphazardly spliced together. There are times when the tonal shifts are so sudden that it feels like a slap to the face than a change in pace, and I suspect some will find that off-putting.

What salvages it regardless are some excellent performances. Ritter and Sandvig are both wonderful in their comedic portions of the film, playing off of each other and selling the audience on their rapport quite well. Theirs is the type of friendship/brotherhood thats forged through a ragged climb up from lifes basement, and while their larcenous chicanery is enjoyable, its when the film puts on its serious face that you can see their skill on full display. Rebecca Halls Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6  Mel is yet another example of how phenomenal and actress she is, whether shes rolling her eyes in familial frustration at her wayward brother, or Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6  trembling in motherly concern for Kelsey. Prestons Lynette captures that desperate, haggard broke single mom thing,Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6 but the film doesnt pull its punches with her theres little obvious gold in that heart, and shes a surprisingly unlikeable character (and I mean that in a good way). Meanwhile, Canterbury is a serviceable child actor, who handles a fairly heavy dramatic load with relative ease.A Bag Of Hammers presents an odd conundrum. Its one of those films that I liked overall, but its glaring dichotomies never quite gelled, creating a rift through the films core that was difficult to reconcile. Its Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6  whimsy is a bit too whimsical given its eventual emotional downturn. The third act feels rushed and the ending(s) are a little tiresome after a while. And yet its so affecting, and its cast is so engaging, that I couldnt help but find myself won over by it.

What is interesting so far is that while Ben and Alan are criminals, the movie makes no judgments against them. There's no suggestion that their behavior is justified, either. It's just what they do. Perhaps this is one of the film's flaws that I'm ignoring: These guys are too genuinely nice and compassionate to be such flagrant criminals.In any event, the tenants in their rental property are Lynette (Carrie Preston), a harried single mother, and Kelsey (Chandler Canterbury), her eager-to-please 12-year-old son. Displaced by a Louisiana hurricane,Fast & Furious 6 เร็ว แรง ทะลุนรก 6 Lynette and Kelsey are penniless, and Lynette, who lacks most of your basic office skills, is desperate to find a job. Any interest she had in being a good mother has long since dissipated, so Kelsey is left alone a lot. Mel worries he's being neglected, as does the boy's teacher (Gabriel Macht). Meanwhile, he becomes a sidekick to Ben and Alan.